Propolis Synergy Pad

150.00 AED

Experience the transformative power of the Full Fit Propolis Synergy Pad
Full Fit Propolis Synergy Pad works tirelessly to nourish and protect your skin

Quantity : 70 Pads


• Nourish dull skin
• Moisturize & Protect your dry, parched skin
• Strengthen the structural integrity of your skin barrier


• Dull skin
• Dehydrated


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revolutionary Skin Nourishing Pad, enriched with a powerful blend of naturally derived ingredients
The Full Fit Propolis Synergy Pad is not just any ordinary skincare product

How To Use

Swipe the embossing side across the face avoiding eye area after cleansing. Swipe the softer side across the face to pick up the remaining debris. Replace the lid tightly to make sure the pads stay wet and clean.