The Vitamin C 23 Serum

180.00 AED

  • Introducing the Vitamin C 23 Serum
    Vitamin C is a vital ingredient that plays a pivotal role in collagen production, a key component for maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Without sufficient vitamin C, the synthesis of collagen diminishes, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity.

    – Fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation
    – Brightens dull skin
    – Firms and plumps
    – Diminishes finelines and wrinkles

    – Dull skin
    – Uneven skintone
    – Dark spots and hyperpigmentation
    – Early signs of aging


Introducing the Vitamin C 23 Serum!
incredible Vitamin C 23 Serum is here to save the day! Packed with the power of vitamin C, this serum works wonders by replenishing collagen levels